40 Good Commentary Essay Topics for Student Success

A commentary essay is the one that deals with expressing your personal opinion about some issues such as a piece of writing, subject, event, person, etc. It is reminiscent of the feedback written by an editor. Just like in argumentative paper, you should defend your words with pieces of evidence taken from other sources. However, a commentary essay has a less formal tone, it is casual in tone and style, and your opinion is in its center. It matters more than the other authors’ or experts’ thoughts and ideas. To cite 1-2 sources to support your argument would suffice in most cases.

A commentary essay can be either a single paragraph or a standard 5-paragraph paper. The length, purpose, and tone often depend on the commentary topics you choose, or on the requirements of your teacher.

Selecting a topic is where you begin. We decided to explain how to make the best pick. Below you find a list of 40 original ideas for your writing!

Best Topics for a Commentary Essay

It is not that easy to choose proper commentary essay topics. Here are the rules you should hold to.

First, the ideas should be fresh and relevant. It means you should be able to link them to the subject you are majoring in. Say, it makes no sense to discuss your impression of the Marvel’s movie in your biology or history class. You’d rather consider commentary on the current world wars.

Second, check out if there is enough information available online or in your college library. Make sure the sources you manage to find are up-to-date, credible, and relevant. Brainstorm with your friends to come up with the list of good topic ideas. While you work together, chances are you elaborate the best research question at the fastest pace.

Remember to ask the advice of your teacher! They have to confirm the chosen topic or recommend selecting another one at least to discuss or analyze.

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Social Commentary Essay Topics

In the list of social commentary essay topics, you can find those expressing author’s opinion regarding the social event or a response to any given social phenomenon. Here are some of the topic ideas:

  • Responding to the law that allows abortions.
  • Reaction to the social anxiety syndrome among teens.
  • Expressing emotions towards the feminist movement in your region.
  • Defending the concept of the death penalty for murderers.
  • Replying to the problem of the single parenthood.
  • The impact of social media on school bullying.
  • The role of social status in the United States.
  • Separation of church and state.
  • The Internet versus social life today.
  • Defining the role of gender in modern society.

Commentary Essay Topics in Health Care

The commentary essay topics in health care consider your subjective impressions by taking some drugs, assisting physicians, responding to the articles from the medical magazines or scientific journals, etc.

  • How do you personally feel about Medicare for all in the US?
  • Is Trump’s sabotage of Obamacare policy against the law?
  • Your reaction to disabled people.
  • The real price of the health care system (in your opinion).
  • Discussing the nature of euthanasia.
  • Offering ways to reduce childhood obesity.
  • How you define the impact of mental diseases on the social life of an average American.
  • The quality of health care in your region.
  • The family doctor who is in charge now.
  • The worst medical treatment you ever faced.

Personal Commentary Essay Topics

The personal commentary essay topics should be based on your own real-life experience. Voice your own opinion here!

  • Describe your first love and your impressions.
  • Pick a musical that you have recently seen and write a critical review of it.
  • A string of emotions after your last trip to France.
  • Your favorite food and drinks.
  • Your sentiments when you saw your mom crying.
  • The biggest disappointment in your life.
  • The most memorable encounter with an animal.
  • An odd experience that had almost no value to you.
  • The last time you’ve been too scared to run.
  • Things you would invent to make this world a better place to be.

Higher Education Topics for a Commentary Essay

In the end, observe the best higher education topics for a commentary essay! Here we go:

  • Reasons to avoid skiing and other extreme sports.
  • Why limit the kids’ access to the Internet.
  • The negative consequences of diets.
  • One day that completely falls apart.
  • The effectiveness of installing mobile apps for students.
  • Cloning people vs. cloning animals.
  • Conflict with parents that made me leave my home for a while.
  • Critical response to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Cons and pros of the favorite video game.
  • Favorite class in high school.

One of these ideas could be your lifebuoy when it comes to writing a commentary essay without having a specific prompt. If you need some extra help with your homework assignments, contact our writing team ASAP!