Good Commentary Essay Outline

What makes a commentary essay different from an argumentative paper? In either case, you have to follow the standard structure, there are writing rules, and you typically should include pieces of evidence taken from credible sources to justify your stance. The difference is that in a commentary paper your opinion matters more than the thoughts of others. It does not mean, however, that you should consider only your own thoughts and ideas to include; mentioning the arguments of other parts is worthwhile nevertheless. Such an outline is reminiscent of writing a review written by a professional (objective) yet biased perspective, like a movie or book review that you used to trust.

We are frequently asked by many students like you how to write a commentary outline as they understand that writing without a plan is a hard thing to do. You need a detailed plan for your assignment lest you get stuck half the way across the writing session. If you add an outline to your work, you will ease your reader’s nerve considerably as they will be following the structure of your work accurately.

An outline of various types of academic papers is not very much different. Typically, research papers have a more complex structure than essays. On the whole, you should always remember to have in your work:

  1. Title page (optional)
  2. Introduction
  3. Body paragraphs (3 paragraphs)
  4. Conclusion
  5. MLA-formatted references (optional)

You should also mind the citation format in your paper as the general structure heavily depends on it.

Once more: you should always start working on your assignment with an outline. When writing a commentary essay, it is not necessarily to follow the traditional essay outline but highly recommended.

You can find examples of great commentary essay outline examples below. Our best academic writers kindly shared it with you!

Excellent Commentary Paper Outline Samples

Here are some commentary paper outline samples for you to find some inspiration and see how it works.

  • Introduction
    • Hook: Would you like to know how a single lie may turn a life of an average American boy into a nightmare?
    • Background: Last Friday, I attended the “Dear Evan Hansen” show in New York. It is a famous Broadway musical about a schoolboy who suffers from social anxiety and isolation and decides to trick everyone around one day to gain some degree of popularity. The story covers such topics as…
    • Thesis: A young Trench who replaced the previous leading actor collected even more positive feedback and earned a prestigious award. To me, this along with the fact I would like to re-watch the show again prove that “Dear Evan Hansen” is the best Broadway performance since 2016!
  • Body
    • Claim one: To my mind, the cast of the show was excellent because…
    • Claim two: In my opinion, the musical support was a bit monotonous as it lacked such genres as…
    • Claim three: I believe that the plot was perfectly extracted from the bestseller of Steven Levenson because…
  • Conclusion
    Since 2016, Broadway’s top show is definitely “Dear Evan Hansen” due to the following reasons (list the arguments from the body paragraphs).

If this one is not enough, you can also view another example of a good commentary outline. This time, the author analyzed a political event.

  • Introduction
    • Hook: Did you know that the voting age in Austria is 19 instead of 18?
    • Background: The last elections in Austria were held on … in…. Mr./Mrs. The last Name won those elections despite all the obstacles and rumors.
    • Thesis: In my opinion, the new president of Austria deserves this title, but the opposition could be a bit more effective regarding international relations.
  • Body
    • Topic sentence 1: Mr./Mrs. The last Name offered a new economic program to preserve valuable natural resources…
    • Topic sentence 2: The current president proposed a new system of education that would be beneficial for…
    • Topic sentence 3: However, the opponent in the face of the last Name promised to improve the relations with some EU countries like…
  • Conclusion
    Even though the recently elected president is good enough for Austria, the opposing side still has some good ideas to offer. They are (list the topic sentences from the body).

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about writing a commentary essay. Thanks to our commentary paper outline specimens, you can expedite the process of writing. Yes, you may use these examples as templates for your writing.

Once you are done with the writing process, you should proofread the final piece of writing at least twice. Think about whether it is worth 5-stars? Could it be published online? Would other people trust it? Mind your language! Your piece of writing should contain no filthy language. As for the slang, it depends on whether your tutor insists on using formal language only or not.

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