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A commentary is an academic genre of writing that requires you to conduct research on a specific topic, collect and/or generate points of evidence, and take a certain stance on the discussed issues. Everything should be summed up concisely. A commentary alone is a one-paragraph or less long review that you should leave as feedback to a story, image, video, etc. It is based on your subjective impression, and there is no need to follow any specific structure or format. However, a commentary essay is reminiscent of an argumentative paper. It still requires extensive research and in-depth analysis instead of merely sharing your emotions.

Because empirical research should be conducted, students are often in trouble asking, “Where can I buy commentary essay?” or “Who can write my commentary essay?” Unlike primary research, this one should be processed by creating surveys, experimenting, making observations, or even interviewing people. Conducting such research is more complicated, and students often need extra help in doing so.

In general, a commentary paper should look like a description. Comment or express your opinion, but only if it is supported by a piece of evidence. You can find some in such sources as:

  • Books
  • e-Books
  • Scientific magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Scholarly articles
  • Websites (excluding open sources)
  • Videos

You may also outsource your research to get to help with the essay. The comment should sound objective to show your expertise and professional approach. You may use either formal or informal style of writing, but it is better to select the former as it is academic writing.

The description of the case, object, or concept should not take more than 10-15% of the entire work. You should focus on expressing personal ideas about the issue. Build the whole essay around what you think on the topic, and try to connect every paragraph in the main part sequentially, claims to your opinion should also be included. Your general opinion narrowed down to 1-2 meaningful sentence(s) would be your thesis statement.

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There are two types of commentary essays that you should consider. Once you decide to buy a professional commentary essay online, specify which of two you need. Those are:

  1. Personal commentary
  2. Social commentary

These two are very different, so avoid confusing them. The common rules on getting it right include a thesis statement, supporting evidence, and a conclusion.

An introduction should not be longer than elsewhere (just think the other types of essay you’ve been given over the years). In a single sentence, you should name the subject of discussion and then add a single-sentence thesis. Voila, that is it. You may insert a hook at the beginning to attract the reader’s attention, yet it does not matter much for such an essay. Instead of three long body paragraphs with separate topic sentences (claims), just share evidence in a single paragraph. You can add an example, and it won’t hurt either. On the whole, try to make a commentary essay shorter than other academic papers.

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If writing a commentary essay online is not what you need, you should think about other options available on our website. It is possible to order the following types of papers:

  • Exposition
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